The denim trendsetter

Denim, denim, denim! One of the most popular and versatile clothing that had proved as a trendsetter through the years. The first denim was invented in the past century by Levis, for their first pair of jeans. Since then nearly every brand in the world is creating such fashion pieces.

The cotton fabric- typically blue, but not necessary, is used for jeans, jackets and a lot of other garments. It is highly durable, and I guess this is why it is so very used by people. Denim has always been in style and it is not going to go out of it soon.



I love combining different denims together. The “Denim on Denim” way looks pretty cool, even if you combine different nuances of it- lets say lighter jacket with some darker jeans or the opposite, because rocking all the same colors is boring sometimes.

Particularly for this look I am wearing a denim jacket from American Eagle. It is a light blue faded color, which gives a very clear overall look and sometimes I just grab it and go out- it goes so nicely with almost everything.




I am also wearing a baby pink full body from Boohoo. They are a global online fashion retailer offering thousands of styles and I enjoy their products. Since I was little, pink is maybe my favorite color, so you may see me wearing it a lot lol.



If you ever wonder how to choose the best quality denim, you could always differentiate a good pair of denim than a lower quality once, by paying attention to the details and closely looking at the material. High quality jeans are much narrow of fabric. Originally the denim should be one hundred percent cotton, which we could call a higher class denim, than the once with elastin that stretch a lot and also the sewing isn’t as nice.




Looking at the lifestyle that is currently going on right now says it all- the denim is continuing to conquer the fashion world and we are all a part of its reign.







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