Summer favorite fragrance

Summer is all about going to the beach, getting your tan right, having fun with friends and spending long, warm, breezy nights in your favorite fashion pieces. This season is embracing us to wear our favorite dresses and short tops and even to experiment with some new styles.

For this summer I have decided to experiment with a new fragrance also. I was wondering to which brand to rely for the new perfume, because I am very picky with the fragrances I wear. I think this should really correspondent to the person’s own sense and self representation.



With a lot of searching I finally decided to cop a fragrance by Michael Kors called Sexy Amber. The amazing thing about this fragrance is that it matches my own personality and this is why I love it big times.



The fragrance is strong, young and luxurious. It really answers the name given to it “Sexy Amber”. It is very sultry and definitely a summer favorite.

Oh and here comes the-best-part about this perfume by Michael Kors! It actually came with a gift- stylish, modern, big and very functional bag in one of my loved colors- golden. As I write this post I think how happy I am that I picked this fragrance and I even received this fascinating gift with it.



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