September vibes :: Shoes & Bags

Hi everyone! Today is not only a beautiful and sunny Saturday, it is also the start of one of the most exiting months- September so I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. I’ve always loved this month, it is reminding me of so many positive things as the nice weather and the start of a lot of adventures, the streets are getting busier and the beautiful fall is around the corner.  Not to mention that I find this time of the year so magical, because the #FashionWeek is so close and I am very enthusiastic.

As the new fashion season is almost here I am still enjoying my summer looks and feeling to share one of them with you.





I honestly love the nude colors in each season, but mostly now because I am very tanned, so this top from Zara in the color Cappuccino matches my skin so cute  .  It’s very comfy and I’d wear it even in a sporty look (I’m a big supporter of sporty looks actually), but for this certain one I’ve picked elegant, ivory white, silk pants from Max Mara.





As the nude colors are so on trend now I like to experiment and mash darker nudes with lighter ones. This incredible beige Fendi bag is one of my favorite accessories and it responds very well to all nudes, browns and close colors.  This Fendi print really took over lately and it came back in trend from the years before. It has been invented by Karl Lagerfeld for the brand a long time ago, but it is just so remarkable and timeless.





I’m a huge fan of gold. Who isn’t? I adore it on my accessories and also jewelry, it’s pretty chic and it definitely makes a clear statement. Its bright, shiny, and if you do not over exceed with its purpose it is a big yes. When used the right way in anything, it is the perfect accent. My shoes, which are very high and comfy actually, for a girl who is used to wearing high heels, are from Zara Collection. They bring a soft and nice overall touch to my look which I dig.


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