One of the most exciting things for me during the #FashionWeek was the opportunity to attend the Koché Spring/ Summer 2019 collection. The presentation of the collection was very memorable and intriguing. The location and the whole set of the runway was very chic, the guests could see the models and the designs from a close look, as they were walking by in front of us.




As we were seated and waiting for the show to start I was super excited, because I got to meet with Sophia Neophitou. As you may be aware she is one of the most respected creative forces in fashion and currently- the Collection Creative Director of Victoria’s Secret. Meeting her was such a pleasure and speaking to her was very valuable for me.

For the Sping/ Summer 2019 collection, Koché  presented a very appealing looks. They mixed bright colors as orange and pink, green and yellow, and also a few looks in blue.



A thing I definitely loved about this ready to wear collection is that the designer brang back the retro polka dot print. It is related to the past century, and since than it has been established as a broad fashion expression. The polka dots could be pretty cool depending on the design and construction of the piece.




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