The white chunky sneakers trend is so on point and I have to admit they are looking so tasty. A pair of fresh kicks is one of the key items a fashion lover should have in their wardrobe for the fall. And of course if you are a sneaker head you’d know that only one pair could just not be enough.


The beginnings of the plain white sneaker mode can be traced back for more than 80 years. The long history of the shoes has proved how useful and fine looking they really are. While I was doing a course by The Museum of Modern art, I learnt that actually the first popular white sports shoes were the Converse Chuck Taylor, which debuted at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. After so long, those type of Converse are still rocked by so many people.

A lot of brands have embraced this cool trend. Not only sports companies as Converse, Adidas and Nike, but a lot of luxury brands have designed them also.

I personally fell in love with the new Adidas Falcon sneakers. The collection dropped this September, so the model is fresh new. Those are retro-styled running shoes exclusive to women. They come in a few colors, but I chose the white one as I liked them most.


The best thing about those sneakers is that you could style them many ways. Of course they go well with leather leggings and jeans, but also with dresses.

Recently I like so much the combination of a good dress and chunky sneakers. Mixing an elegant dress with wearing my Adidas Falcon feels like braking some rule, so I love it a lot haha.

If you want to get super modern and comfortable pair of sneakers this season I definitely recommend you comping some white plain, chunky sneakers.


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