I love Jimmy Choo! This fabulous brand is producing the most astonishing shoes and bags designs in the world, and that’s not all. Except the tremendous accessories they offer, the brand has a fragrance line too. It contains perfumes and body lotions as well and is totally worth it.




I have always loved wearing fragrance- it is part of my identity. The Jimmy Choo body lotion serves not only as a hydratant, but also as a balm. It contains the luxury parfume from the Jimmy Choo line, which expresses an aura of strength and beauty.



I like it so sincearly, because it is not the regular body lotion, it has a very strong and lasting fragrance.



Jimmy Choo Perfumed Body Lotion is an essential part of my bodycare ritual. The lingering sensual base notes of sweet toffee meld with Indonesian Patchouli leave a subtle, sensual memory on the skin. Not to mention how important it really is to use a body balm and to moisturize regularly.

A quality body skin lotion can work wonders for the skin and add gentle softness on it. The scent body lotions are one of my most adored products. Basically by using such, you’re getting smooth skin, while also smelling incredible.



This body lotion by Jimmy Choo is so soft and velvety and sinks right in, making the skin feel so hydrated and firm.

Do you guys find the scented body lotions valuable too? I definitely reccomend you trying some, if you never have tried them before. ♥



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